Thursday, August 12, 2010

Drunken tonkotsu deai...

I did plan on writing this post yesterday, but thanks to a hangover of in comprehendible size I didn’t quite pucker up the energy to move my fingers.
On Wednesday, with the Obon holiday upon us, my workmates thought it was necessary that we drink stupid quantities of sake at an izakaya in Morioka.
Great idea, as long as you don’t miss the last train back to Hanamaki at 11pm…
Anyway, when life gives you lemons you make lemonade, so I decided to make a night out of it. After we could drink no more, me and the remainder of my workmates stumbled into a ramen joint called Ippudo (一風堂). To my disappointment, however, I found out today that Ippudo is actually a chain ramen shop and can be found pretty much anywhere in Japan.

I ordered the tonkotsu ramen and found it relatively good. It had a persistent creaminess and was ahh… In all honesty I don’t really remember, but from the photo you tell it’s not much to look at.

The noodles were hosomen and I do recall being able to choose out of scale of 1-5 for how firm you would like them.

My workmates ramen resembles tantan men, but I think it was just a spicy tonkotsu with a miso topping of sorts. I remember him being a bit angry about his noodles though. Like me when it comes to ramen there is no room for compromise…

Size isn't everything my friends and these gyoza prove it. They totally rocked my weary socks off.

Ippudou is open till 3am in the morning giving the drunks and the drunkards a place to dine and socialize after a hard session on the diesel. However, I’m not convinced that it would be worth going to when sober.


  1. Oh but I love Ippudou :( Then again, it's like the ONLY place I've been to eat ramen in Morioka haha. Well wait, there's this place I went that has actually pretty tasty kimchi-natto ramen, called Yanagiya (, you should try it if you're feeling adventurous! Cool blog by the way, I'm totally going to try some of your recommendations.

  2. Goodness, even if it wasn't the best ramen you sure made me hungry just looking at the pictures. Being a volunteer/student at a ramen shop sounds so fun! Ramen always makes me think of the old movie called Tampopo, yes it really is spelled wrong, you should check it out sometime.

    Anyway, neat idea for a blog, hope your culinary adventure rocks!

  3. u must be joking. ippudo is my fav ramen place in iwate. there is even a branch in singapore. and, its not found 'pretty much anywhere in Japan'.


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